Joint Opposition Statement: Maldives Regime Arrests Two Members of Parliament As Illegal Crackdown Intensifies
4 February 2018, MALE: Two members of Parliament were arrested today at 12pm by the police, as President Yameen expands up his illegal take-over of […]
Joint Opposition Expresses Concern over Delays in Releasing Political Prisoners

2 February, Male’: The Joint Opposition of the Maldives expresses deep concern over President Yameen’s refusal to abide by the Supreme Court Order to release […]
Joint Party Statement: Maldives Supreme Court Frees Opposition Leaders; Reinstates Banned MPs; Frees Other Political Prisoners
1 February 2018, MALE: In a landmark ruling, the Maldives Supreme Court this evening ordered the immediate release from detention of former President Mohamed Nasheed, […]
Joint Opposition Statement: Opposition Petitions Supreme Court to Remove President Yameen from Office
28 January, 2018, Male’: The Joint Opposition today petitioned the Maldives Supreme Court to temporarily remove President Abdulla Yameen from the Office of the Presidency. […]
MDP Youth Wing Expresses Concern over Increased Gang Violence in Schools
During the first week of 2018 academic year, within the span of 48 hours, there have been two separate assaults committed against students. One of […]
Maldivian Democratic Party Welcomes Remarks by the Japanese Foreign Minister
7 January 2018, Male’: The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) extends its warmest wishes to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Hon. Tarō Kōno. The […]
Joint Opposition Parties Condemn Scurrilous Attack on Indian PM by pro-Yameen Newspaper
20 December 2017, Male’: The Maldives’ Joint Opposition — which includes the Maldivian Democratic Party, the Jumhoory Party, the Adhaalath Party, and a faction of […]
Joint Parties Express Concern over the Subversion of Parliamentary Process in Passing the Free Trade Agreement with China; Calls on President Yameen to Suspend Implementation
The Joint Opposition expresses deep concern over the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Maldives, recently ratified […]
The MDP is Concerned over Free Trade Agreement with China
29 November, Male: The Maldivian Democratic Party is deeply concerned over sudden and rushed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, without any disclosure of details […]
MDP Welcomes Recent Saudi Actions to Embrace Greater Modernity and to Fight Radicalism
The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) welcomes the recently initiated progressive agenda of modernization and anti-radicalisation announced by the Saudi rulers, and their attempts to redefine […]
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