Parliamentary Group

Ahmed Abdulla

Deputy Chairperson / MP for Baarashu constituency

Mohamed Aslam

Speaker of Majlis / MP for Hithadhoo North constituency

Mohamed Rasheed Hussain

Parliamentary Group Leader / President for Alifushi constituency / MP for Alifushi constituency

Hussain Shaheem

MP for Henveiru South constituency

Hussain Shaheem has been the Henveiru Dhekunu Constituency President since 2010 and a member of Finance Committee since 2010.

Ahmed Saleem

MP for Hoarafushi constituency

Mohamed Shifau

MP for Ihavandhoo constituency

Abdulla Waheed

MP for Dhidhdhoo constituency

Ibrahim Shareef

MP for Kelaa constituency

Abdul Gafoor Moosa

President for Kulhudhuffushi Uthuru constituency / MP for Hanimaadhoo constituency

Hussain Ziyad

MP for Vaikaradhoo constituency

Mohamed Raee

MP for Makunudhoo constituency

Abdulla Shaheem Abdul Hakeem

MP for Kanditheem constituency

Ali Riza

MP for Milandhoo constituency

Mohamed Rashid

MP For Komandoo constituency

Mohamed Shahid

MP for Funadhoo constituency

Ahmed Easa

MP for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency

Ahmed Haroon

MP for Manadhoo constituency

Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq

MP for Velidhoo constituency

Yoonus Ali

MP for Holhudhoo Constituency

Ismail Ahmed

President for Dhuvaafaru constituency / MP for Dhuvaafaru constituency

Hassan Ahmed

MP for Inguraidhoo constituency

Hisaan Hussain

MP for Thulhaadhoo constituency

Jeehan Mahmood

MP for Hinnavaru constituency

Abdul Ghani Abdul Hakeem

MP for Kurendhoo constituency

Abdulla Jabir

MP for Kaashidhoo Constituency

Hassan Zareer

MP for Mathiveri constituency

Hussain Gasim

MP for Keyodhoo constituency

Ikram Hassan

MP for Dhiggaru constituency

Ibrahim Naseer

MP for Mulaku constituency

Abdul Muhusin Hameed

MP for Nilandhoo Constituency

Ahmed Haleem

MP for Biledhdhoo constituency

Mohamed Nashiz

President for Kinbidhoo constituency / MP for Kinbidhoo constituency

Mohamed Wisam

MP for Gamu constituency

Ali Hameed

MP for Isdhoo Constituency

Saud Hussain

MP for Vilingili constituency

Yaugoob Abdulla

MP for Dhaandhoo constituency

Ahmed Saeed

MP for Gemanafushi constituency

Abdul Mughnee

MP for Thinadhoo North constituency

Abdulla Saneef

MP for Thinadhoo South constituency

Mohamed Rasheed

MP for Fuvahmulah North constituency

Hussain Mohamed Didi

MP for Fuvahmulah Central constituency

Mohamed Mumthaz

MP for Fuvahmulah South constituency

Mohamed Nihad

MP for Feydhoo Constituency

Ibrahim Shareef

MP for Maradhoo constituency

Ibrahim Nazil

MP for Hithadhoo South constituency

Rozaina Adam

MP for Addu Meedhoo constituency / President for Women’s Wing

Ali Niyaz

MP for Hulhumale’ constituency

Ibrahim Muizzu

MP for Henveiru North constituency North constituency

Meekail Ahmed Nasym

MP for Galolhu South constituency

Mohamed Falah

MP for Maafannu West constituency

Adam Ali

President for Maafannu South constituency / MP for Maafannu South constituency