Parliamentary Group

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih

PG Leader /MP for Hinnavaru constituency

MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) has served as the MP for Hinnavaru since 1995. As one of the country’s most senior and experience politicians, MP Ibu played a leading role in the formation of the MDP and the national reform movement, as part of the Special Majlis that drafted the new Constitution.

Mohamed Falah

MP for Maafannu West constituency / President Maafannu West constituency

Imthiyaz Fahmy

MP for Maafannu North constituency

Mariya Ahmed Didi

MP for Machchangolhi North constituency

Eva Abdulla

MP for Galolhu North constituency / President for Galolhu North constituency

Abdulla Shahid

MP for Henveiru North constituency

Mohamed Abdul Kareem

MP for Henveiru South constituency

Ali Azim

MP for Medhu Henveiru constituency

Ali Nizar

MP for Hithadhoo South constituency

Ibrahim Mohamed Didi

MP for Hithadhoo Medhu constituency

Mohamed Aslam

MP for Hithadhoo North constituency

Ibrahim Shareef

MP for Maradhoo constituency

Rozaina Adam

MP for Addu Meedhoo constituency / President for Addu Meedhoo constituency

Fayyaz Ismail

MP for Gamu constituency

Ibrahim Naseer

MP for Mulaku constituency

Ahmed Marzoog

MP for Felidhoo constituency

Abdul Bari Abdulla

MP for Kurendhoo constituency

Mohamed Rasheed Hussain

MP for Alifushi constituency / President for Alifushi constituency

Ahmed Nashid

MP for Komandoo constituency

Abdul Gafoor Moosa

MP for Kulhudhuffushi North /President for Kudhudhuffushi North constituency

Mohamed Nazim

MP for Vaikaradhoo constituency