Joint Statement: Maldives Chief Justice Orders Mass Suspension of Lawyers
11 September 2017, MALE: The Maldives Chief Justice, Abdulla Saeed, suspended 56 lawyers last night, banning them from attending court. The announcement of the lawyers’ […]
Joint Opposition Strongly Condemns Sentencing of Jumhooree Party Leader, Hon. Qasim Ibrahim; Calls on State Institutions to Uphold the Constitution
25 August 2017, Male: At 1:30 am on Friday, the Criminal Court of the Maldives sentenced Leader of the Jumhooree Party, MP Qasim Ibrahim to […]
Concerned Chief Justice is Subverting Parliament and Rule of Law – Joint Opposition
21 August 2017, MALE’: The joint opposition parties express deep concern over the Supreme Court’s inexplicable delay in announcing a ruling over the appeal by […]
Police Crackdown on March for Disappeared Journalist
9 August 2017, Male: Tuesday marked 3 years since the abduction of journalist Rilwan Abdulla. MDP strongly condemns brutal and disproportionate crackdown from the Police […]
MDP Youth Wing Condemns Police Inaction In Response To Recent Killing Spree
2 August 2017, MALE’: The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Youth Wing condemns in the strongest terms the lack of police action in response to a […]
Maldives: Military’s Siege of Parliament Continues
Maldives: Speaker Barricaded Behind Wall of Soldiers in Parliament Chamber 31 July 2017, MALE: The Maldives military, acting under illegal orders from President Yameen, continued […]
President Yameen Arrests More Parliamentarians, Steps Up Crackdown
29 July, Saturday, Male:  President Yameen has intensified his crackdown on the opposition, as well as journalists, in the wake of the military lockdown of […]
President Yameen Allows Maldives as a Platform to Criticise India
26 July 2017, Male’: The Maldivian Democratic Party strongly condemns President Yameen’s deafening silence while Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif criticised India during a joint […]
President Yameen Orders Military to Lock Down Parliament
24 July 2017, Male’: President Abdulla Yameen ordered the military to lock down parliament and prevent lawmakers from entering the parliamentary compound this morning, in […]
Joint Statement:  Opposition Parties Condemn Unlawful Arrest of MP Faris Maumoon
18 July 2017, Male: The joint opposition parties condemn in the strongest possible terms the illegal arrest of lawmaker Faris Maumoon this afternoon, less than a […]
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