Youth Wing

All Party members between the ages of 18-35 are eligible for membership of the Youth wing.

MDP Youth Wing was established by the party’s second Congress that was held in October 2010. This was part of a series of reforms brought to modernize the party. This new body was created in recognition of the growing role played by youth both in the country and within the party.

The objectives of MDP Youth Wing as stated in the Charter are as follows.

  • To recruit youth members to the Party.
  • To promote youth related policies within the party, and to use the party to promote such policies and programs nationally.
  • As a means to engage young people within the party and to involve them in party activities.
  • To encourage youth in the party to take on leadership roles within their community.
  • To actively provide support and assist in all events organized by the party.

The Youth Wing is overseen by the Youth Wing President. The President and Vice President of the Youth Wing are elected by a vote taken by all those registered as Youth Wing members.