MDP Deeply Concerned Over Rising Death Toll in Gaza — As Muslims Begin Holy Month of Ramadan, MDP calls on Israel to Cease the Violence, Return to Negotiations and Two- State Solution.

16 May, Male’: The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) expresses deep dismay at the violence in Gaza and the increasing death toll, with more than 55 Palestinians killed and over 2,000 injured on Monday alone.

The MDP calls for the return to peaceful negotiations, and believes that a lasting peaceful solution can be achieved by a two- state solution, based on international law and relevant UN resolutions.

The MDP also calls on both sides and relevant international partners to return to aiming for a two-state solution, respecting international law and UN resolutions.

The MDP also calls on the international community to urgently meet the humanitarian needs of Gaza and its people.

Our prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and others caught up in the violence, in this moment of deep sadness, and especially as we enter the holy month.