National Council

Mohamed Nasheed

President of MDP

Mohamed Nasheed was the Maldives’ first democratically elected president (2008-2012). He remains a figurehead for the promotion of human rights and democracy, and an international icon for action against climate change.

President Nasheed was elected the President of the Maldivian Democratic Party in August 2014.

Mohamed Shifaz

Vice President of MDP

Mohamed Shifaz is the Vice President of MDP. He was the Member of Parliament for Baarshu Constituency (2009-2014).

He was elected the Vice President of MDP in August 2014.

MP Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) has served as the MP for Hinnavaru since 1995. As one of the country’s most senior and experience politicians, MP Ibu played a leading role in the formation of the MDP and the national reform movement, as part of the Special Majlis that drafted the new Constitution.

Hassan Latheef


Hasan Latheef is the Chairperson of the Maldivian Democratic Party. He is a lawyer by profession. Hasan Latheef was the Minister of Human Resources, Youth & Sports (2008-2012).

އަޙްމަދު މަހްލޫފް

Minister of youth Sports and Community Empowerment

މުޙައްމަދު އަބްދުﷲ

Ihavandhoo constituency MP

މުޙައްމަދު އަސްލަމް

Minister of National Planing and Infrastructure

ޑރ. އައިޝަތު އަލީ

Minister of Education

Ahmed Abdulla

Deputy Chairperson

Ali Niyaz

Deputy Chairperson

Khadeeja Aboobakuru

L. Maavashu Dhaairaa Raees

Mohamed Ibrahim Manik

President for Villimale’ constituency

Adam Ali

President for Maafannu South constituency

Ahmed Amir

President for Maafannu Medhu constituency

Mohamed Falah

MP for Maafannu West constituency / President Maafannu West constituency

Mohamed Ziyad

President for Maafannu North constituency

Imthiyaz Fahmy

MP for Maafannu North constituency

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali

President for Machchangolhi South constituency

Ibrahim Ahmed

President for Machchangolhi North constituency

Mariya Ahmed Didi

Minister of Defense

Hassan Ismail

President for Galolhu South constituency

Eva Abdulla

MP for Galolhu North constituency / President for Galolhu North constituency

Ibrahim Muizzu

President for Henveiru North constituency

Abdulla Shahid

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hussain Shaheem

President for Henveiru South constituency

Hussain Shaheem has been the Henveiru Dhekunu Constituency President since 2010 and a member of Finance Committee since 2010.

Mohamed Latheef

President for Medhu Henveiru constituency

Ali Azim

MP for Medhu Henveiru constituency

Ismail Rashad

President for Hulhuhenveiru constituency

Ibrahim Nazil

Presidentfor Hithadhoo South constituency

Ali Nizar

MP for Hithadhoo South constituency

Moosa Mohamed

President for Hithadhoo Medhu constituency

Ibrahim Mohamed Didi

MP for Hithadhoo Medhu constituency

Abdulla Sodig

President for Hithadhoo North constituency

Mohamed Aslam

MP for Hithadhoo North constituency

Ahmed Rasheed

President for Maradhoo constituency

Ibrahim Shareef

MP for Maradhoo constituency

Mohamed Nihad

President for Feydhoo constituency

Rozaina Adam

MP for Addu Meedhoo constituency / President for Addu Meedhoo constituency

Ilyas Labeeb

President for Hulhudhoo constituency

Saudullah Ahmed Hassan Didi

President for Fuvahmulah South constituency

Ibrahim Saeed Mohamed

President for Fuvahmulah North constituency

Mohamed Suaad

President for Fuvahmulah Medhu constituency

Ahmed Zahir

President for Gadhdhoo constituency

Faseeh Ali

President for Madaveli constituency

Zifleena Hassan

President for Thinadhoo South constituency

Ali Shaam

President for Faresmaathodaa constituency

Mohamed Riyaz

President for Dhaandhoo constituency

Abdulla Afeef

President for Gemanafushi constituency

Mohamed Rauf

President for Villingilli constituency

Hussain Ismail

President for Fonadhoo constituency

Mohamed Siyam

President for Gamu constituency

Fayyaz Ismail

Minister of Economic Development

Omar Abdul Razzak

President for Isdhoo constituency

Rageeb Ali

President for TH Guraidhoo constituency

Mohamed Nashiz

President for Kinbidhoo constituency

Anwar Ibrahim

President for Thimarafushi constituency

Anwer Ibrahim is the President of Thimarafushi Constituency. He is an active member of MDP since 2005 and a member of MDP Activity Committee and Haruge Committee.

Ismail Rasheed Gasim

President for Vilufushi constituency

Shathir Abdul Rahman

President for Kudahuvadhoo constituency

Mohamed Jaish Ibrahim

President for Meedhoo constituency

Ahmed Hamza

President for Bilehdhoo constituency


President for Nilandhoo constituency

Hussain Shamil

President for Mulaku constituency

Ibrahim Naseer

MP for Mulaku constituency

Ali Riza

President for Dhiggaru constituency

Ali Ikram

President for Keyodhoo constituency

Nizar Ibrahim

President for Felidhoo constituency

Ahmed Marzoog

MP for Felidhoo constituency

Aishath Jennifer

President for Dhangethi constituency

Rugiyya Mohamed

President for Mahibadhoo constituency

Ibrahim Rasheed Aboobakuru

President for Maamigilli constituency

Hassan Zareer

President for Mathiveri constituency

Hassan Shiyan

President for Thoddoo constituency

Husen Amru Mohamed Rashad

President for Guraidhoo constituency

Husen Amr currently chairs MDP’s Policy Committee. He is also the President of MDP’s Guraidhoo constituency and sits on MDP’s Economic Committee. Amr is an entrepreneur by profession, with a keen interest in hospitality and construction industries. He served as Deputy Under Secretary at the President’s Office and headed the Economic Department of the Policy Office (2008-2010). Amr also served as the CEO of the state owned enterprise Maldives Transport and Construction Company (MTCC) (2010-2012).

Mohamed Azmeel

President for thulusdhoo constituency

Ahmed Aswan Nooman

President for Kaashidhoo constituency

Ahmed Ibrahim

President for Kurendhoo constituency

Abdul Bari Abdulla

MP for Kurendhoo constituency

Mohamed Kaarim

President for Naifaru constituency

Ahmed Latheef

President for Kendhoo constituency

Hisaan Hussain

President for Eydhafushi constituency

Ali Riza

President for Thulhaadhoo constituency

Moosa Ali Manik

President for Maduvvari constituency

Hassan Ahmed

President for Inguraidhoo constituency

Mohamed Waheed

President for Ungoofaaru constituency

Mohamed Rasheed Hussain

MP for Alifushi constituency / President for Alifushi constituency

Mohamed Jaleel

President for Holhudhoo constituency

Abdulla Mohamed

President for Velidhoo constituency

Ali Majid

President for Manadhoo constituency

Ahmed Easa

President for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency

Ahmed Niyaz

President for Milandhoo Constituency

Abdul Hannan Hussain

President for Funadhoo constituency

Abdulla Rasheed Abdul Rahman

President for Komandoo constituency

Ahmed Nashid

MP for Komandoo constituency

Abdulla Shaheem Abdul Hakeem

President for Kanditheem constituency

Hassan Shujau

President for Kulhudhuffushi South constituency

Abdul Gafoor Moosa

MP for Kulhudhuffushi North /President for Kudhudhuffushi North constituency

Ahmed Mausoom

President for Makunudhoo constituency

Ahmed Hashim

President for Vaikaradhoo constituency

Mohamed Nazim

MP for Vaikaradhoo constituency

Ibrahim Waheed

President for Nolhivaram constituency

Ibrahim Waheed has been the President of MDP Nolhivaram Constituency since 2010. He was the President of Alifu Alifu Dhaaira from 2005-2010. Served as the member and Chairperson of MDP Elections Committee (2005-2015). Ibrahim Waheed was the Minister of State for Health and Family (2009-2012) and also Chairman of National Social Protection Agency(NSPA) (2009-2012).

Ibrahim Shareef

President for Kelaa constituency

Abdul Hameed Easa

President for Dhidhdhoo Constituency

Dawood Ibrahim

President for Baarashu Constituency

Shamoon Saeed

President for Hoarafushi Constituency

Meekail Ahmed Nasym

Youth Wing President

Sifa Mohamed

Womens Wing President, Male’ City Mayor

Ibrahim Ameer

Minister of Finance

Ahmed Mujthaba

President for South Central Province

Ahmed Mujthaba is the party President of the South Central Province. He is specialised in Governance and Development Planning. He served as State Minister of Home Affairs (Nov. 2008 to Feb. 2011) and as the State Minister of Economic Development(Feb. 2011 to Feb. 2012).

Mohamed Khalis Shareef

President for South Province

Ibrahim Jihad

President for North Central Province

Hussain Adam

President for North Province

Ibrahim Sujau

President for Upper North Province

Ahmed Adhuham

President for Addu City

Akram Kamaludeen

President for Male City

Mohamed Shihab

President for Central Province

Ahmed Adil

President For Hanimaadhoo constituency