Women’s Wing

The MDP’s women’s wing has been established to ensure the participation and promotion of women in all of the Party’s affairs across all structures and levels. It is the strongest voice representing women within the Party. The women’s wing is responsible for expanding the role and involvement of women in Party activities, increase awareness on political, social and economic issues, participate in the Party’s decision making processes and increase the number of women elected to Party and national posts.


  • Increase the role of women in Party activities and decisions.
  • Ensure that decisions taken by the Party do not discriminate against the youth, elderly and those with special needs.
  • Ensure women’s’ and minority groups’ issues are protected in decisions made by the Party.
  • Elect more women into the Party’s elected positions.
  • Increase awareness among women regarding economic and political issues.
  • Increase the role of women in sport, culture, art and business.
  • Increase women’s representation in Party structures.
  • Participation of women in national events, ceremonies and rallies.
  • Carry out studies on issues relating to women, hold the Government accountable.
  • Represent MDP’s female members.
  • Assist the Party in its activities while in and out of Government.

The Women’s Wing will be presided over by a President and Vice President elected through a vote taken by the Party’s female members.