Forensic Investigation Finds Evidence of Money Laundering, Bribery, and Corruption in President Yameen’s Government
MALÉ, Maldives, 19 September 2018 – Yesterday, the MDP received a report from KRyS Global, a forensic accounting firm with global offices and experience in […]
Elections Commission Has Appointed Ruling Party Activists to Help Administrate and Count the Vote
18 September 2018, MALE: The Maldives’ Elections Commission has appointed 107 activists and members of President Yameen’s ruling party, the PPM, and tasked them with […]
11th Hour Secret Changes to Vote Counting Tantamount to Daylight Robbery of Maldives Elections – Joint Opposition
17 September 2018, MALE: The Joint Opposition Coalition, whose candidate Ibrahim M. Solih (Ibu) is contesting the upcoming presidential elections, learned with utter dismay yesterday […]
Elections Commission Secretly Planning to Use Tablet Computers to Tally Vote, Leaked Documents Show
16 September 2018, MALE: The Maldives Elections Commission is secretly planning to use tablet computers to collate election results from polling stations on election day, […]
Elections Commission Enabling Fraud by Refusing to Hand Over Signed Final Voter List – Joint Opposition
13 September 2018, MALE: The Joint Opposition is extremely concerned that the Elections Commission is refusing to divulge the checked and signed final voter list […]
Joint Opposition Statement: Government Using Visa System to Prevent Foreign Journalists from Covering Presidential Elections
12 September, MALE: The Joint Opposition is concerned by reports it has received from a number of international journalists that they have been denied visas […]
Joint Opposition Condemns Police Fear-mongering to Pre-empt Crackdown ahead of Elections
10 September, Male: The Joint Opposition notes with deep concern the statement made by the Maldives Police Service today. Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Ahmed Shifan, […]
MDP Condemns PPM for Distributing Fake American Diplomatic Cable
6 September 2018, MALE: The Maldivian Democratic Party condemns President Yameen and his ruling party for deliberately distributing a made-up diplomatic cable purportedly from the […]
President Yameen linked to illegal oil trade?
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The MDP Condemns in the Strongest Terms Ruling Party’s Calls to Decapitate President Mohamed Nasheed
26 August, Male: A leading activist of the ruling party, and close ally of the First Lady has called for the decapitation of former President […]
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