Diversification of tourism industry through introduction and strengthening of guesthouse tourism in the Maldives

One of MDP’s major policy platforms for economic development is the diversification of the tourism industry. Hence, guesthouses will be increased across the islands, and “island tourism” will be introduced.

The objectives of this policy are:

● Island tourism will lead to wider distribution of income from tourism among the public and increase public participation in tourism development.
● Island tourism, in addition to economic benefits, especially for the youth, will also facilitate domestic tourism where Maldivians can enjoy family holidays within the islands and strengthen family ties.
● Island tourism will facilitate infrastructure development on the islands, and in addition it will:
● Facilitate opportunities for human resource development through trainings and other assistance.

Island tourism will increase flow of foreign (hard) currency and alleviate the shortage of dollars, and create a more enabling environment for tourism-related industries like handicraft, agriculture and SMEs. The MDP believes “island tourism” will help these industries develop and expand, creating new more job opportunities.

MDP policy is to work together with local councils to strengthen local tourism in the islands.

These programs will go hand- in hand with expanded marketing of Maldivian resorts, guesthouses, safari yachts around the world, promote the country’s image and build relationships with international tourism- related organisations.

Diversification of the tourism sector will improve the quality of life in the islands, provide new opportunities for youth and allow people to work in their own islands, close to their families.