The Maldivian Democratic Party in Solidarity with Sri Lanka; Visit on the 15th June

1st June, Malé: Former President, the Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed, Members of the MDP Cabinet, Members of the MDP Parliamentary Group, and members of the Governing Council of the Maldivian Democratic Party will attend a special function in Sri Lanka, in June 15th, as a mark of the party’s solidarity with Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka is the Maldives’ closest ally and has always assisted the Maldivian people; Sri Lanka has been a time- long partner in education, health, trade and general development, and has especially been an invaluable friend to this party in its greatest time of need. Sri Lanka hosted and protected the founders of the MDP, including the former President Mohamed Nasheed, when the party, and its leaders were under threat. In doing so, successive Sri Lankan governments have protected democracy and political pluralism for the Maldivian people at various stages of the Maldives’ recent history.
The Maldivian Democratic Party will always stand in solidarity with Sri Lanka, and have confidence that the authorities have taken all the necessary measures to restore safety and security in the country, in the wake of the heinous attacks Easter terror attacks. With this visit, we want to tell the rest of the world to come to Sri Lanka and to enjoy the beautiful country and the famous Sri Lanka hospitality.