MDP Youth Wing Statement on International Youth Day

The 2018 International youth day comes at a critical juncture for the Maldivian youth. The September elections offers a valuable opportunity for the youth to shape the next government, and thereby play a role in shaping the future of the country. A government’s policies will impact all our lives, and therefore we, the young people of this country can be at the centre of shaping these policies.
We ask that every youth should educate themselves on the stakes at hand, and the opportunities at hand. We call on the youth of Maldives to go out and vote, and use your vote as a voice for the betterment of the nation, and for the betterment for all young people in the country.

The Maldivian youth has been subjected to an indoctrination of submitting to infallible political power. We’ve seen the abduction of journalist Ahmed Rilwan, the murder of blogger Yameen Rasheed, and a spate of politically motivated gang violence. These life or death repercussions have virtually shut down independent media and free speech.

Main media outlets, too, faced challenges in free reporting. Media personnel have been mistreated and arrested by the police. Political affiliation has become the new go-to qualification that confirms employment.

After scrutinizing these concerns foremost, the coalition is determined to clean out the culture of fear that permeates society. We will work to stop the violence, to make the streets a safer place for all. We are determined to set off a chain reaction that will lead to gender equality, acceptance of racial and ethnic differences, and class differences. We need to develop a country where mutual respect and support replaces misogyny and hegemony.

To address the gang culture itself, the coalition has an optimistic outlook on rehabilitation and reintegration. The solution lies not in arrests and imprisonments, but in humanely moulding lawbreakers into a beneficial component of society. In order to keep the justice and peace of the country, the coalition will prioritize the review and assessment of qualifications of the judiciary.

The coalition is also focused on strengthening the education sector. Education modules will be reviewed and improved further to fit global standards. Staff at island schools will be trained, facilities will be enriched, and students will enjoy a modern, intellectually stimulating academia. Similarly, to make quality healthcare available outside of central Maldives, we will aim to develop specialized hospitals at various atolls. Job opportunities will multiply, and political affiliation will not determine employment.

The road to development is free and fair, and the coalition welcomes the support of the youth of the Maldives who seek a more fruitful, empowering future