Joint Opposition Expresses Concern over Delays in Releasing Political Prisoners

2 February, Male’: The Joint Opposition of the Maldives expresses deep concern over President Yameen’s refusal to abide by the Supreme Court Order to release political leaders and other political prisoners.

We are deeply fearful that the government’s refusal to implement the Supreme Court order could escalate to unrest and incite violence across the country.

The government of Maldives immediately resorted to using undue force against demonstrators celebrating the apex Court’s verdict. Opposition supporters were met with tear gas, arrests and direct police violence while calling on the government to implement the ruling. Furthermore, in light of the unfolding situation, all the opposition parties, political leaders, judges, courts, police, and other independent institutions have come under direct threat and intimidation of the regime.

Therefore, we appeal to the international community including the UN, EU, and neighbouring countries, including India, to do everything in their power to impress upon the Government of Maldives, security services and institutions to respect the Supreme Court ruling, and to uphold the Constitution and abide by Maldives commitments under international law to protect civil and political rights of its citizens.