Joint Coalition Statement  Opposition Parties Take Control of Maldives Parliament: 45 MPs Sign Letter Calling for Speaker’s Impeachment

3 July 2017, MALE: 45 Members of Parliament in the Maldives today submitted a no confidence motion against the Speaker of Parliament, Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed, demonstrating that the opposition coalition now commands a majority of seats in the legislature. 

The loss of his parliamentary majority will be a major blow to President Yameen. Maseeh, a Yameen crony, can be removed if 42 or more MPs vote for his impeachment. 

On 24 March 2017, the leaders of four political parties in the Maldives; President of Progressive Party of the Maldives H.E. Uz. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, President of the Maldivian Democratic Party H.E. Mohamed Nasheed, Leader of Jumhooree Party Hon. Qasim Ibrahim and President of Adhaalath Party Sheikh Imran Abdulla signed a coalition agreement. 

The agreement commits the four parties to reforms demanded by the public, following widespread corruption facilitated by the government, the politicisation of independent institutions, mismanagement of the economy, brutalising of citizens and encroachment of individual liberties.

President Abdulla Yameen was elected on a mandate to govern through a coalition government. However, the support extended to President Yameen by his coalition partners including his own party has now been withdrawn. In the recent Local Council Elections, President Yameen’s faction of PPM won only 27% of the vote.

We urge the independent institutions, the judiciary, security services, our international development partners to respect the wish of the people and the decision of the majority of the parliament.

The wish of the joint coalition of political parties is to ensure a free and fair presidential election in 2018 where candidates of parties’ choosing will be allowed to contest. Furthermore, the joint coalition will work to establish the integrity of independent institutions, reverse unconstitutional and undemocratic laws, and secure freedom for all individuals who have been arrested, under investigation, on trial, or convicted of politically motivated charges, prevent political influence within security services and ensure the independence of the judiciary.

During this crucial time of political change in the Maldives, it is pivotal that parliamentarians are allowed to perform their Constitutional duties. We urge the security services and independent institutions of the Maldives to prevent abuse of laws by any individual and to facilitate MPs to perform their duties.