Women’s Day 2017: MDP Pledges Financial Support to All Women Candidates

The Women’s Wing of the Maldivian Democratic Party today announces to provide financial assistance to all MDP women candidates contesting future elections.

The Women’s Wing of the party made this pledge as part of its efforts to increase the number of women in elected and public office, and to encourage further female participation in the running of the country, at all levels.

The MDP Women’s Wing, a major driving force in the internal running of the party and especially in the on-going democratisation process in the country, made the pledge to mark Women’s Day 2017.

The Women’s Wing has conducted a number of training courses including public speaking and canvassing. Today marks the official offer of financial assistance especially targeted for women candidates.

Less than 5% of public roles, including in the Parliament and Local Councils, are women. There are many obstacles to Maldivian women standing for public office and other leadership roles. Research shows family responsibilities, and perception of how women are treated in public office is some of the main reasons cited. However, lack of resources, especially financial independence and capacity have always been one of the biggest obstacles. The MDP hopes that financial assistance in addition to other support from the party encourage more women to step to the foreground.

“The MDP is committed to ensuring equal participation and inclusion of women to strengthen party mechanisms and the internal democracy of the party. Women make 50% of the Party membership. The Women’s Wing, and our women members are indispensable to this party,” said MDP Chairperson Hassan Latheef.

“Our women continuously stand up for their rights, and for others. Braving police brutality, and other state- intimidation, MDP women have been at the forefront, in fighting for justice in the country. We have also been the main actors behind all the political campaigns and elections. Women have come out in numbers to vote in elections. We need more women as candidates and as leaders, and these intelligent, capable and courageous women need to be at the forefront guiding this country,” said President of the Women’s Wing, Sifa Mohamed.

“MDP Women’s Wing is a vital organ in this party. They have breathed life into this party, revived and kept the party going when we needed it most. We want women at the helm of running this party, and in running this country,” said party leader and Former President, Mohamed Nasheed.