The MDP Welcomes Government MPs’ Announcement to Commit to Reforms, to Uphold the Interest of the Maldivian People and the Constitution.

The Maldivian Democratic Party welcomes the announcement made today by 8 Government Members of Parliament to work towards reforms. Citing President Yameen’s increasing authoritarianism, the MPs announced they will no longer abide by the President’s unilateral decisions that have brought irreparable damage to the country, and said they will bring a number of changes to their Parliamentary work. The MPs formally announced they would no longer abide the PPM Parliamentary Groups’ whip line as set by President Yameen,

The Government MPs, seen as former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s faction of the ruling party, PPM, said henceforth they will put national interest ahead of President Yameen’s whims, and also pledged to rectify previous wrongs the Parliament had committed. The Members named the lack of transparency, the endemic corruption, lack of any financial or economic development in the three years of President Yameen’s rule, the unchecked rise in budgetary deficit, the increasing ostracisation of Maldives in the international community due to President Yameen’s improvident foreign policy, selling of land to foreigners without public consultation, and lack of security for Members of Parliament.

During the press conference, the MPs also urged the Maldivian security forces to refrain from any wrongdoing against the people,and called on the independent commissions of the Maldives to conduct their mandate in an independent and fair manner, without giving into to intimidation or bribery.

The MDP welcomes the MPs announcement to rectify past damages, and looks forward to working with the MPs to bring about any necessary legislative changes to uphold the Constitution, protect fundamental freedoms, and to restore democracy in the country.

“In light of the immense difficulties that the people of the Maldives are to face, it is encouraging that 8 Government party MPs have pledged their intention to work with the opposition. We ask other Government MPs to do same, to work towards reform. This is now leading to President Yameen losing his majority in the Parliament. With this, President Yameen has lost any remaining legitimacy he may have had,” said former President Mohamed Nasheed.