President Mohamed Nasheed has UK Refugee Status

Former Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed has refugee status in the UK, confirmed by the Home Office.

President Nasheed has been in Britain on medical leave since January.

President Nasheed was convicted on a false accusation of ‘terrorism’ in March 2015, following a trial Amnesty International decried as a “travesty of justice”.

In October 2015, the United Nations ruled President Nasheed’s imprisonment illegal and ordered his immediate release. The Maldivian Government refused to abide by the UN ruling.

Commenting on the issue, President Nasheed said:

“President Yameen has jailed every opposition leader and cracked down on anyone who dares to oppose or criticise him. In the past year, freedom of the press, expression and assembly have all been lost. Given the slide towards authoritarianism in the Maldives, myself and other opposition politicians feel we have no choice but to work from exile – for now.”