MDP Statement on UN Facilitated All Party Talks

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) firmly supports the need to engage in political dialogue to solve the Maldives political crisis and has always been of the opinion that this is the way forward.

The MDP is willing to enter into the United Nations facilitated all party talks when the concerns of the opposition are met to establish a more conducive environment for dialogue.

The MDP has clarified to the United Nations the path that would lead to all party dialogue. Furthermore, discussions would address confidence-building measures relating to reform of the judiciary, strengthening independent institutions, religious radicalisation, deterioration of human rights, foster political pluralism and press freedom, good governance and endemic corruption within the state.

MDP is concerned over delay to commence sincere talks and hopes for robust UN engagement that would result in the ‘clear measurable progress’ as recommended by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group. The MDP fears that if the UN is unable to deliver these talks within a reasonable time frame, the situation in the country will further deteriorate, exposing the people of the Maldives to increasing human rights abuse, injustice, corruption and violent extremism.