MDP Calls Upon the Government to Establish Conducive Environment for Political Dialogue by Releasing Political Prisoners

The Maldivian Democratic Party were sent an invitation for an exclusive meeting with the Government. As circumstances remain unchanged, the MDP reiterates the previous decision reached by and informed to the Government by the MDP and Adhaalath Party with regard to all Party talks. The MDP reminds the Government of the conditions in which the two Parties will attend the Government initiated talks.

The MDP believes yesterday’s exclusive invitation to the MDP to the Government in order to discuss leniency for President Nasheed was a deliberate attempt by the Government to mislead the international community.

The MDP further believes that all members of the Government must be sincere in its desire for political dialogue, so that Maldives can move forward from this current political crisis to establish a development path that is in line with the people’s wishes. Political leaders must be released, rather than extending offers to discuss leniency for prison sentences reached through politically motivated charges and unlawful trials.