MDP and Adhaalath Party Will Not Agree to Talks Unless Political Leaders are Free and Condemns Deliberate Misleading of the Public and the International Community by the Government

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and Adhaalath Party (AP) condemns the government’s deliberate misleading of the public and the international community by saying both parties have agreed to talks. The MDP and AP reiterate its calls to free its political leaders ahead of talks and will not agree to talks unless they are freed.

The MDP and the AP further reiterate its calls for multi party dialogue in order to resolve the increasingly dangerous situation President Yameen’s Government has subjected the Maldives to and always welcome sincere invitation for talks by the government.

The MDP and AP believe that the most recent invitation for all Party talks with the Government are under the same conditions as the talks that failed as a result of the Government’s impositions. Both MDP and Adhaalath Party further call on President Yameen to establish a more conducive environment ahead of talks.

Political leaders who have been unlawfully arrested, subjected to politically motivated trials and sentenced with long-term imprisonment must be released. The MDP and AP believe that as long as this is not the case, even discussing the issue of all party talks with the Government is being party to their unlawfulness.