MDP Welcomes Lifting of Politically-Motivated State of Emergency

10 November 2015, Male’

The MDP welcomes the Government’s decision to lift the state of emergency enforced by President Yameen on 4th November. However, the MDP believes President Yameen’s decision to declare it in the first place was purely political: to prevent a mass anti-government protest and to unlawfully impeach the Vice President.

It appears that Yameen is willing to make up threats about the nation’s security in order to settle political scores.

This State of Emergency has caused irreversible damage to the tourism industry during high season, to the reputation of the country and diplomatic relationships with our friends in the region.

Yameen’s increasingly erratic, paranoid and dangerous behaviour is damaging the country and proves he is unfit to be President. He has failed and should step down.

MDP calls upon the government to fully restore civil and political rights guaranteed under the Constitution, which have progressively eroded over the past two years.