MDP Condemns Politically Motivated Terrorism Allegations by President Yameen’s Coalition Partner Ahmed Shiyam

The Maldivian Democratic Party condemns President Yameen’s coalition partner, Ahmed Shiyam’s accusation that MDP were involved in the explosion aboard the Presidential speedboard on 28 September.

The ruling party used its majority in the Parliament on Thursday to pass a no confidence vote against former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb. This vote was hurriedly taken after the Government unlawfully amended the constitution through declaring a nationwide state of emergency. Following the vote, in front of the media, Maldivian Democratic Alliance leader, Ahmed Shiyam stated, ‘while Adeeb stands accused of being involved in the explosion, all those who did not vote against Adeeb today are also suspected of being involved in terrorist activities’.

The MDP finds it worrying when a senior coalition partner of the Yameen administration, which has used national security threats to eliminate its political opponents, accuses the largest political party in the Maldives of terrorism. The MDP is concerned the Government, having jailed and impeached its own Vice President, is now levelling accusations at the opposition for the same crime.

It is also disturbing that this accusation has been made during a state of emergency when fundamental rights have been suspended or restricted especially in relation to any individual suspected of involvement in the 28 September incident.

The MDP reminds the Government to to refrain from politicising this investigation and immediately repeal the state of emergency, restoring Maldivian citizens their fundamental rights. The MDP highlights the importance of an independent and credible investigation into the boat incident.

The MDP welcomes the statements by the international community for the quick lifting of the state of emergency, and calls for immediate release of President Nasheed and all other political prisoners.