The Office of President Nasheed Condemns the Yameen Government’s Vindictive Restrictions on President Nasheed’s Visitation Rights

The Maldives Correctional Service (MCS) has today denied President Nasheed’s parents and siblings permission to see him during weekly family visits.

The Office of President Nasheed condemns in the strongest terms this arbitrary and politically motivated decision and calls upon the Government to cease their vindictive intimidation of President Nasheed. This change in visiting rights is an arbitrary regulation which the Government applies only to President Nasheed and was first put in place just before he was transferred to house arrest on 21 June.

The Office of President Nasheed reminds the Government that this regulation is in direct contravention to their previous policy towards President Nasheed and the established regulations for all other prisoners. Similar to other haphazard politically motivated policies implemented by this Government, this arbitrary change was introduced only a week after visitation was restricted to his parents, spouse and children.

This office expresses deep concern and condemns the on going harassment of President Nasheed and his family by the Government, which has significantly heightened since his illegal transfer back to Maafushi jail on 23 August.