Statement On The Proposed Constitutional Amendment on Land Ownership in the Maldives By The Government

The Government of Maldives intends to bring Constitutional amendments that will pave the way for foreign ownership of land in the Maldives. The draft constitutional amendments allow foreign parties to own 70% of land reclaimed by investment projects reaching USD 1 billion approved by the parliament. These amendments when preceded through the recently enacted special economic zones legislation, gives unprecedented access to foreign parties to operate in the Maldives.

Being a center right political party, the Maldivian Democratic Party in principle believes in free ownership of land and property. Nevertheless, the amendments can facilitate foreign non-commercial logistical installations in the Maldives.

The MDP Parliamentary Group Leader Hon. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking on the bill on Tuesday night reiterated MDP’s call to guarantee national security, safeguard stability, peace and security of the Indian Ocean. This therefore forms the MDP position.