MDP Concerned Overs Threats of Violence Made by Tourism Minister Ahmed Adeeb

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) is alarmed by the threats of violence against opposition protesters, made by senior members of President Yameen’s administration.

On Saturday afternoon, a motorcycle parade was held in Male’, which involved riders holding banners calling for President Nasheed’s trial to be expedited. The parade was led by the current Minister of Defense Major General (Ret.) Moosa Jaleel and the Minister of Tourism, Ahmed Adeeb.

Speaking after the event, Tourism Minister Adeeb warned the opposition that “youth supporters” (read: gang members) of the Government will “come out” (read: commit violence) if opposition parties continue to protest for Nasheed’s release.

Several Government Members of Parliament, Deputy Ministers, Coordinators of Ministries, board members of state owned companies and well-known gang members also took part in the motorcycle parade.

Tourism Minister Adeeb recently organised a march in Male’ with dozens of young people belonging to well known gangs.

On 27th February, peaceful demonstration organised by MDP was disrupted by gang members, who attacked demonstrators with knives and wooden planks.

Commenting on Adeeb’s threat, MDP Spokesperson Hamid Abdul Ghafoor said:

“This is a desperate and dangerous escalation of the current crisis by the government. President Yameen’s administration is baring its fangs.”

MDP International Spokesperson