The MDP Welcomes PM Modi’s Decision; Regrets Yameen’s Actions that Led to Cancellation of the Visit

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) welcomes the decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to call off his scheduled state visit to the Maldives at this time of political turmoil.

The Prime Minister’s decision to call off the state visit, at a time when the Maldives first democratically elected President is prosecuted under trumped up terrorism charges, is a clear sign of Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to democracy and stability in the Maldives.

India, the largest democracy in the world, played a crucial role in starting the democratization process in the Maldives. The Indian people have played a major role in the development of Maldives throughout history. The MDP is confident India will continue to assist with the process of consolidating democracy in the Maldives.

Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, MDP Spokesperson said:

“The people of the Maldives will always welcome the Prime Minister of India to the Maldives. The MDP regrets the authoritarian actions and confrontational nature of President Yameen that has resulted in the Indian PM Modi cancelling his first visit to the Maldives. The MDP has always believed in strong regional partnerships to ensure stability and security of the Indian Ocean. India has been our closest friend, and we hope that Yameen takes swift action to restore the Maldives-India relationship.”