President Nasheed Hurt by Police While Taken to Court; To Be Jailed Till End of Trial


President Nasheed was manhandled and hurt by members of the Maldives Police Force today, as they forcibly dragged him into the Criminal Court for the first hearing of his surprise trial for ‘terrorism’.

Photos and videos, along with eyewitness testimony show police officers pushing President Nasheed to the ground as he paused to talk to reporters on the way into the Criminal Court compound.

President Nasheed repeatedly asked the police to allow him to walk into the court unhindered, but police officers dragged him across the ground, ripping his clothes in the process.

In court and visibly hurt, with his arm wrapped in his tie as a makeshift sling, and the buttons of his shirt ripped off, President Nasheed repeatedly requested Judge Abdulla Didi to allow him access to medical treatment. The judge refused.

President Nasheed’s legal team was also prevented from representing him at court today.

The court ordered President Nasheed to remain in prison until the end of his trial. He has now been returned to Dhoonidhoo Island Detention Centre.

President Nasheed’s lawyer, Hisaan Hussein, said:

“The behaviour of the police was absolutely disgraceful. No Maldivian citizen should be treated in this manner, let alone a former Head of State. This ugly, politically-motivated trial brings shame on President Yameen and his increasingly thuggish regime.”