The Civil Court decides that it cannot take on the procedural issue case submitted by former President Mohamed Nasheed

DSC_0073The Civil Court declined former President Mohamed Nasheed’s moratorium to halt changing up the judges assigned to his case pending in Hulhumale’ Court.

President Nasheed’s legal team has maintained that the JSC’s decisions can be changed in Court and if not then it is an infringement of rights.Speaking to the press after the ruling,President Nasheed’s legal team said that it was not a Supreme Court decision.

The legal team stated that there is a difference in a decision, or a letter and advice from the Supreme Court and that the legal team believes that this is a matter the Civil Court can make a ruling on.

Even though the Civil Court has ruled that there is no way to issue a temporary order to stay the JSC from changing up the Bench for the Hulhumale’ hearing of MDP president Nasheed’s case, they have not ruled out continuing the case in the Civil Court.