MDP’s Position on Supporting a Candidate for the Speaker of Majlis


The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) will endorse a candidate for Speaker from the Party that supports the following 8 principles:

1) Judicial reform – remove all obstacles that stand in the way of establishing justice in the Maldives.

2) Decentralisation – empower local councils, amend legislation to ensure councils access to their own income

3) Establish a minimum wage

4) Social Protection – strengthen the social welfare system and ensure each every citizen access to Aasandha

5) Investor Confidence – improve investor confidence by resolving issues of mistrust between the state and potential investors.

6) INIA – work with the MDP to resolve international rifts which emerged as a result of the cancellation of the contract to develop Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.

7) Tax – introduce income tax, maintain TGST at 8% and cancel import duty charges.

8) Guesthouse tourism – understand that guesthouse tourism is a fundamental method of improving livelihoods, work with the MDP to resolve all issues obstructing the development of guesthouse tourism.