MDP Condemns New PPM and Supreme Court Attempt to Delay Elections

Reference No: 17 /10/2013

11 October 2013

MDP Condemns New PPM and Supreme Court Attempt to Delay Elections

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) condemns the Supreme Court’s ruling on Thursday night, which ordered the Elections Commission to re-start the entire re-registration process for the electoral roll, a ruling that risks further delaying the presidential elections.

The MDP is extremely concerned that the Supreme Court is interfering in the electoral process for political reasons, issuing unconstitutional rulings and acting with impunity.

The MDP re-affirms its confidence in the Elections Commission, which organised vote on 7 September that was praised by all local and international elections observers. The MDP will follow all processes and procedures as set out by the Elections Commission.

The MDP encourages the Elections Commission to proceed with the election scheduled for 19 October, and calls on the security forces and the international community to ensure the Commission’s protection.

The Supreme Court ruling on Thursday night came in response to a case lodged by the Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM). PPM’s presidential candidate is Abdulla Yameen, brother of Maldives’ former dictator Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

The MDP fears that the PPM is seeking to delay the elections and also disenfranchise overseas and resort-based voters, who will now likely have to re-register and who tend to vote overwhelmingly in favour of President Nasheed.

MDP spokesperson Hamid Abdul Gafoor said:

“This is a cynical attempt by the PPM and the Supreme Court to prevent elections from taking place next week.”

“The PPM is running scared of the voters because they know they will lose a free and fair election.

“The Supreme Court is facilitating the subversion of the democratic process.”


Hamid Abdul Ghafoor
Spokesperson, International Affairs
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