MDP Statement Following the Supreme Court Verdict

Reference No: 16 /10/2013

09 October 2013

MDP Statement Following the Supreme Court Verdict
The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) firmly believes that all matters relating to the carrying out of Presidential elections must be decided upon by the constitutionally mandated Elections Commission. As such, the MDP are prepared for any election announced by the Elections Commission.
The MDP raises concern over the credibility of an order invalidating the first round of the Presidential elections, declared to be free and fair by all national and international observers, by a Supreme Court bench tainted with allegations of corruption, and scandal. The Election Commission stated that the only reason they halted the constitutionally stipulated second round of the Presidential Elections was due to a lack of cooperation by the security services and the Government, resulting in an environment non conducive for free and fair elections. Thus, the MDP believe that the Supreme Court will entertain further spurious and vexatious claims as long as there is no interim arrangement allowing MDP a say in the affairs of the government.
The MDP is further disturbed over the Supreme Court’s comments allowing for an incumbent to remain as President despite the end of the Presidential term. The MDP does not believe that the Constitution allows for anyone to be President after the 5 year term which currently ends on 11 November 2013. Elections must be held to restore legitimate government and democracy in the Maldives.
The MDP hopes that the Elections takes place as soon as possible under the careful scrutiny of domestic and international observers.


Hamid Abdul Ghafoor
Spokesperson, International Affairs
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