MDP Chairperson’s letter To Chief Justice of the Maldives


To Chief Justice of the Maldives Uz. Ahmed Faiz Hussein,

Re: Motion number 42/SC-C/2013

Lawyers Uz. Hassan Latheef and Uza. Hisaan Hussein representing this party in the motion referenced above have been unlawfully suspended by the Supreme Court. Despite the Maldivian Democratic Party’s legal team claiming that proceedings cannot be held without their representation, the Court’s decision to proceed regardless is in breach of the Constitution, laws, regulation and juridical norms adhered to in the Maldives thus far.

Furthermore, it is of concern that during the proceedings there was apparent deferential treatment towards other parties to the case. Therefore, considering the manner in which the Court has acted during these proceedings thus far, and since the party believes that proceedings will not continue in a way which guarantees the rights of the 95,000 people who publicly shown support for the party, this party wishes to revoke its inter-partes claim to the motion filed at the Court.

In this instance, we call upon the Supreme Court to uphold Article 8 of the Constitution states that all powers of the State shall be exercised in accordance with the Constitution, Article 299 sub-article (a) that states that the administrators of justice shall wholly comply with the provisions of the Constitution, and Article 142 which stipulates that judges are subject to the Constitution and the law. The MDP calls on the Supreme Court to do the aforementioned, and to restrain itself to the legal ambit of the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.

24 September 2013.


Moosa Manik

Supreme Court of the Maldives,
Male, Maldives