MDP Welcomes Announcement of Official Election Results

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) welcomes the announcement by the
Elections Commission on Saturday, September 14 of the official results
of the presidential election. The party commends the Elections
Commission for the professional and competent administration of a
competitive free and fair election.

We note that both domestic and international observers have broadly
praised the Elections Commission for the smooth conduct of the polls.
Observers have found that the Elections Commission was logistically
well-prepared and noted that the vote counting process was conducted
in a highly transparent manner.

The MDP also extends gratitude to all parties involved in the
Maldives’ second multi-party presidential election. We look forward to
contesting the second round run-off on September 28.

The party believes that the 45.45% of the popular vote secured by MDP
candidate President Mohamed Nasheed is a clear indication that the
people of the Maldives have resoundingly said no to the coup d’etat on
February 7, 2012 and subsequent police brutality, injustice and
impunity. The verdict of more than 95,000 Maldivians signifies both a
strong commitment to democracy and a condemnation of overthrowing the
first democratically-elected government of the Maldives through brute