Reiteration of call to cease politically motivated judicial actions citing the unrest on 8 February 2012 against MDP members in Addu City, Kulhuduffushi and Milandhoo


The Maldivian Democratic Party reiterates the call to immediately cease politically motivated judicial actions citing unrest of 8 February 2012 against a relatively large number of MDP members in Addu City, Kulhuduffushi and Milandhoo.

Discriminatory prosecutions have been initiated presently at the Courts against 80 MDP members from Addu City, 28 members from Kulhuduffushi and 9 members from Milandhoo. They include MP for Hithadhoo Central Constituency of Addu City Honorable Mohamed Rasheed (popular as Matrix Mode), a number of councilors and branch heads in those islands.

The Maldivian Democratic Party underlines with great concern that while the Report made by the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI) states that unlawful brutal acts were committed by security services personnel on 07 and 08 February 2012, international calls to expedite soon recommendations of that Report to take action against these offenders have been disregarded with impunity by the usurper government. Even as irrefutable and credibly substantiated video and audio evidences against security services personnel making brutal assaults and inflicting inhuman bashings on MDP members and leaders on 07 and 08 February 2012 are public, no credible investigations or judicial actions have been taken on those offenses while the present discriminatory court cases against MDP members have been unduly hastened. The Maldivian Democratic Party condemns, in strong terms, these cases of unlawful and blatant granting of selective impunity from justice.

The Maldivian Democratic Party calls on all concerned authorities to immediately cease this selective litigation as the MDP regards these politically motivated and biased judicial actions citing the unrest on 08 February 2012 against hundreds of MDP members as being taken outside the requisite edicts of the Constitution for judicial fairness and equitability.

Issued by : MDP Secretariat.