President Nasheed Condemns Police Harassment Against His Lawyer and her Spouse


President Nasheed expresses grave concerns and condemns Police intimidation towards Ms. Hisaan Hussain, a member of his legal team and her Spouse.

Hisaan Hussain, the leading Defense Counsel in President Nasheed’s case pending in Hulhumale Magistrate Court was in Hithadhoo, Addu City at a family event with her husband when the Police conducted a search in the area. When Hisaan questioned the police, they were informed the search was conducted under the Law relating to Gang Violence. Hisaan’s husband was detained when he questioned the Police’s actions. Hisaan was subsequently detained after she questioned their disproportionate response and asserted that she was a lawyer. The police shoved Hisaan (24 weeks pregnant) twice and she fell the second time and was unable to get up without assistance. The police also brutalized her husband during the arrest. The police punched him on the face and screamed obscenities at President Nasheed. Both have now been released.

“We see it as pure harassment. The Police are trying to intimidate lawyers who represent the MDP and President Nasheed. It is extremely disturbing that the police have again displayed their complete disregard to the law. I am deeply disturbed by how Hisaan, who is pregnant was treated by the Police. We urge the Police & the Police Integrity Commission to look into the matter and take urgent action against those officers who continue to violate the law & brutalise Women,” said Mariya Didi (MP), President Nasheed’s spokesperson.