Heads of Diplomatic Missions Calls on President Nasheed

meetingwithambassadors2422013 (17)

The heads of Diplomatic Missions accredited to the Maldives based in Colombo called on President Mohamed Nasheed on Sunday. A day after leaving the Indian High Commission following his stay at the High Commission for 11 days, German Ambassador to the Maldives H.E. Dr Jürgen Morhad, US Ambassador the Maldives H.E Michele J. Sison, Ambassador of France to the Maldives H.E Christine Robichon, British High Commissioner, H.E John Rankin, Acting Canadian High Commissioner to the Maldives H.E Robert McDougall called on President Nasheed to discuss the current political situation in the Maldives.

Discussions were focused on the current political situation and a way forward to hold free, fair and inclusive Presidential elections in the Maldives. In this regard all the heads of missions emphasized the importance of inclusive elections, which will not disenfranchise a large part of the population. President Nasheed discussed the necessity of a transitional arrangement to oversee the Presidential elections scheduled to be held in September of this year and stressed on the significance of dialogue between political parties and the Government to move forward.

The heads of missions expressed hope for President Nasheed to resume political and social life without travel restrictions.

Reminding the international community of the fragile situation, President Nasheed requested the heads of missions: “I hope for the international community’s to remain robustly engaged with the Maldivian authorities in the coming days”

Concerns were also raised over increasing violent crimes and the lack of proper investigations into crimes in all the meetings. It was particularly highlighted that several months have passed since the murder of Dr. Afrashim Ali, MP and fatal attack on the blogger Hillath Rasheed while the perpetrators are free. The more recent brutal attack on head of news Ibrahim Waheed (Asward) who remains in critical conditions in the ICU was also discussed at length.

Discussions were held on concerns on the rising extremist ideology and threats it poses in the Maldives. President Nasheed expressed concerns over the vandalism of the National Museum on 7th February and despite video evidence, perpetrators have not been sentenced.

President Nasheed thanked the international community for their continued support strengthening democracy, and for being unwavering in its demand for a free, fair and inclusive Presidential election in the Maldives.