President Nasheed Leaves the Indian High Commission

President Mohamed Nasheed left the Indian High Commission in Male’ at approximately 4pm local time on Saturday, ending his self-imposed political refuge.

Speaking to the press President Nasheed said “ I am hopeful I will be able to continue political activities and social life”

“I believe that even on issues that we disagree on, we can reach a compromise with the Maldivian government” he told the press.

President Nasheed also said that, following the understanding, he was hopeful that all candidates would be free to contest the presidential elections.

President Nasheed thanks the international community for supporting the cause of democracy in the Maldives and for being unwavering in its demand that the presidential elections must be free, fair and inclusive of all candidates.

“I also thank the staff of the Indian High Commission in Male’, including His Excellency DM Mulay, for the kindness and hospitality afforded to me during my stay.”

Statement by the Government of India