MDP condemns executive pressure on judiciary to prevent peaceful political activity


Reference No: 04 /01/2013

30 January 2013

MDP condemns executive pressure on judiciary to prevent peaceful political activity

The Maldivian Democratic Party condemns in the strongest terms the usurper government’s blatant influence on the Judiciary, presently to prevent peaceful political activities and gatherings. The MDP calls on all concerned authorities and institutions to prevail upon the usurper government to immediately cease prevention of the exercise of the right to assembly and freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution.

Usurper President Dr. Mohamed Waheed and his cabinet of Ministers, almost all from parties that were defeated in the 2008 Presidential elections, continue to violate and undermine the Constitution in their efforts to stay on in power. Just this week, usurper Minister of Home Affairs Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed admonished the Courts to sentence President Mohamed Nasheed prior to presidential elections scheduled to be held this year. The MDP notes with concern widespread allegations that Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed wields undue influence on the Judiciary from the time of his tenure as Justice Minister in former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s regime.

A Court order was cited today to order the Maldivian Democratic Party to cease holding peaceful political activities and gatherings on the “Usfasgandu”, an acre of vacant land adjoining the North Eastern shore of Male’.

The MDP regards this blatant prevention of the right to assemble and the right to freedom of expression as a move by the usurper government to escalate tensions amongst party grass roots and supporters as the Court Order coincides with a rally planned weeks ago to be held at the venue tonight.

The move is also seen an attempt to foment unrest amongst peaceful gatherings to create a pretext to unleash brutal Police action to intimidate dissenters of the usurper government. The Maldivian Democratic Party had leased the “Usfasgandu” from Male’ City Council to hold peaceful political activities and gatherings, particularly to enable party office bearers to provide leadership in one common area where all party supporters and members could gather.

The Maldivian Democratic Party appeals for participation by all concerned in the party’s efforts in instituting urgent action to prevail upon alleged usurper President Dr. Mohamed Waheed, to desist from continuing to violate and undermine the country’s Constitution and in taking imperative steps in reconstituting democracy in Maldives.