Parliament Committee Decides Dr. Waheed Breached the Constitution and Launches Inquiry into February 7 Transfer of Power


Reference No: 02/01/2013
10 January 2013

Parliament Committee Decides Dr. Waheed breached the Constitution and Launches Inquiry into February 7 Transfer of Power

The Parliament’s Government Accountability Committee on Wednesday decided Dr. Waheed breached Article 99[1] of the Constitution by failing to provide documents to the Committee. The Parliamentary committee requested the President’s Office to provide statements of key military, police and government officials to the CoNI. Upon requesting twice, the President’s Office failed to provide these to the Committee.

The MDP also welcomes the decisions of the Parliamentary Committee on Government Accountability on Wednesday to launch an investigation into the February 7th transfer of power, failure of the Government to implement the CoNI recommendations and the report produced by the former Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights Uza Dhiyana Saeed where she alleges leaders behind the coup planned to assassinate President Nasheed.

Following the committee’s decision to investigate the issues surrounding February 7 transfer of power, the committee summoned (closed door) former military head of intelligence Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam and former Police Head of Intelligence Mr. Mohamed Hameed in relation to the inquiry by the committee. The Committee did not reveal details of the meeting over the confidential nature of their work. The committee announced to summon additional key security services officers and government officials and have vowed to ensure credibility and maintain professionalism during the process. The Committee has decided to seek expert assistance during their investigation process.

“It is crucial we are able to have a credible investigation by the elected Parliament on the transfer of power. Following information provided in Uza Dhiyana Saeed’s report and other information available, we must have clarity on transfer of power” said Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, MDP spokesperson.

“We take Waheed’s inaction very seriously and will take necessary action against him. He is in violation of the Constitution by not producing these documents. MDP will give its full cooperation to the Committee and will work towards resolving the political crisis we have and ensure we hold free and fair elections” Ghafoor added.