Maldivian Democratic Party Condemns the Immigration Department’s Prevention of President Mohamed Nasheed from Travelling


Reference No: 116/12/2012
22 December 2012

Maldivian Democratic Party condemns the Immigration Department’s prevention of President Mohamed Nasheed from travelling

The Maldivian Democratic Party finds it deplorable and condemns in the strongest language the prevention by the Immigration Department of the Party’s Presidential candidate President Mohamed Nasheed from travelling to visit his father undergoing medical treatment in Thailand. Immigration Department officials waited President Mohamed Nasheed until he turned up at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, to inform him that he had been blacklisted from travel abroad. Immigration officials at the airport, echoed by Controller Dr. Mohamed Ali, cited a Court Order from Hulhu-Male’ Court, where litigation was ongoing against President Nasheed on charges of alleged unlawful arrest by security forces of Criminal Court Judge Abdullah Mohamed. However, Officials of the Hulhu Male’ court are adamant that the Court had expressly permitted travel abroad for President Mohamed Nasheed from 19th December 2012 till 06th January 2013 through Court Order number HMC 26/12/2012 issued on 18 December 2012, a fact confirmed by the Office of President Mohamed Nasheed.

The prevention by the Immigration Department and Controller Dr. Mohamed Ali of travel for President Mohamed Nasheed, and their waiting for him to present himself at the airport before informing him of a legal injunction which appears to be a fabrication, are seen as acts of wanton malice and political enmity, symbolic of the brutal suppression and politically motivated hatred being fomented by the usurper regime and Islamist extremists currently in control of the Government of Maldives.

The Maldivian Democratic Party calls upon all concerned institutions to prevail upon relevant Maldivian Government offices to immediately desist from any exercise of executing summary decisions, preventing especially court approved familial duties of any Maldivian, in the usurper regime’s quest for exposing dictatorial measures in misguided attempts at intimidating elected representatives and former heads of state.