Maldivian Democratic Party MPs register their fears of political violence at Indian High Commission

Reference No: 003/12/2012
4 December 2012

Maldivian Democratic Party MPs register their fears of political violence at Indian High Commission

The Parliamentary group of the Maldivian Democratic Party, represented by almost all of its MPs, visited the Indian High Commission yesterday, 03 December 2012, to register their concerns after threats of political violence against their lives and property by rivals. The delegation met High Commissioner H.E. Gyaneshwar Mulay, who the delegation noted had given assurances that their concerns would be communicated to the highest levels of the Indian government.

The representation by MPs of the Maldivian Democratic Party comes after the session of Majlis (parliament) where they had won a motion to hold a secret ballot on the motion of no-confidence against alleged usurper President Mohamed Waheed.

The 75-member house voted 41 to 34 in favour of a secret vote for a no-confidence motion brought by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). The motion also covers no-confidence propositions against members of the alleged usurper cabinet of ministers, most notably, Defense Minister Ahmed Nazim , and Home Minister Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, who were the main perpetrators of recent regime change.

Prior to the motion to make the ballot for confidence motions secret, leaders of alleged usurper President Waheed’s political supporters, including fundamentalist Islamists with extremist intentions, had made a number of threats against MPs who would dare vote against the alleged usurper government. In this regard, Adhaalath Party President Sheikh Imran Abdullah had threatened physical force against MPs publicly saying that they would “chase and pursue MPs on the roads”. MPs noted with concern recent occurrences of violence against MPs, including baton beatings, surprise raids of their privacy and wanton brutality by the security forces, especially a few top officers in the Police and the MNDF. MPs also noted that the late Dr. Afraasheem Ali, allegedly murdered for his moderate religious views, was among political leaders threatened in a like manner by Adhalaath President Sheikh Imran Abdullah.

After a short and amicable meeting, Indian High Commissioner H.E. Gyaneshwar Mulay assured MDP MPs that he would immediately communicate their concerns to relevant and highest authorities in India. MPs also expressed their gratitude to the Indian High Commissioner for registering their concerns of physical threats by alleged usurpers against their property and lives.


Ibrahim Mohamed Solih
Leader, MDP Parliamentary Group