Press Release on the news the former President of the Maldives has been arrested and detained.

Today, I am very sad to hear the news that Mohamed Nasheed has been arrested by the temporary government.

I strongly condemn this appalling act. The former President has made it clear that he would have flew out of the islands on his own free will if required. Therefore, this act is complete overkill, unnecessary and shows a complete disregard for the future stability of the Maldives. We must remember that this is the man who was democratically elected only 4 years ago by the Maldivian people with over 50% of the vote.

I also understand that the treatment he has received has been nothing short of brutal. Despite allowing the police into the place where he and his team have been staying willingly, the police smashed down his door and used pepper spray and heavy force. This is treatment unfit for any human being. The former Democratically elected President should not in any circumstances be subjected to this kind of treatment.

I would like to now urge all sides to work together to find a peaceful solution to this conflict.

Karen Lumley
Conservative MP for Redditch County, UK