Press Statement from President Mohamed Nasheed

The Office of President Mohamed Nasheed
G. Kenereege
Male’, Maldives

Press Statement

President Nasheed has gathered from the media that a court order has been issued by
the Hulhumale’ Magistrate Court ordering Maldives Police Service to produce him to
court on 7th October 2012. To this date, President Nasheed has not received a court
summon requiring him to attend the hearing for the said date at the Court.

President Nasheed has received information through media that the Maldives Police
Service issued an order to produce him for the hearing scheduled for 7th October 2012
at the Court. In relation to this, President Nasheed has written to the Court requesting
that the hearing be rescheduled to a date after his scheduled return to Malé on 13th
October 2012. He has also informed the Court he will appear before the Court on the
rescheduled date. With regards to the above mentioned, President Nasheed has also
notified the Maldives Police Service of this in writing.

5th October 2012