MDP condemns government’s attempt to misinform our stakeholders

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) regrets the governments deliberate misleading of our stakeholders regarding MDP’s alleged withdrawal from the Leaders Dialogue and MDP’s alleged non-cooperation in the parliament.

Participation in Leaders Dialogue
The government’s allegation that MDP withdrew from the Leaders Dialogue without an explanation is a deliberate attempt to deceive our stakeholders.

The first Leaders Dialogue meeting participated by MDP Chair agreed on a five point agenda, which the government later reneged. MDP had stated very clearly that MDP will participate in the talks when those Parties affiliated with the government have a clear agenda and agreement among themselves as to what they wish to discuss with MDP.
Parliament (Majlis).

The government is also misinforming our stakeholders on MDP’s decision on non-cooperation in the parliamentary sessions. MDP’s decision is based on the fact:

1. That the CNI report had legitimized the transfer of power, and in such an instance, this is a continuation of the government. As such MDP believes that as the party that was voted in by the people of Maldives in 2008, MDP cannot remain as the “opposition” in the parliament. The Constitution of Maldives clearly stipulates the role for the formal “Opposition” in the Majlis. As such there must be clarity about this issue. Despite the reservations and non-clarity MDP is co-operating in all the on-going Majlis Committees.

2. That the government has refused to implement the recommendations of the CNI report and therefore MDP believes that given the political turmoil the country faces right now, it is imperative that priority is given to the implementation of the recommendations for Maldives to ensure peace, stability and confidence among its people in the democratic process and good governance.

27 September 2012

Hamid Abdul Ghafoor MP (Maldivian Democratic Party)
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