MDP welcomes the decision to resume Party Talks and reassures commitment to dialogue

Reference No: 102/08/2012
27 August 2012

MDP welcomes the decision to resume Party Talks and reassures commitment to dialogue

The Maldivian Democratic Party welcomes the decision of Dr. Mohamed Waheed to resume All Party Talks to resolve the current political crisis and is encouraged by the initiative to restart the Talks ahead of the release of the report by the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI).
As such, the MDP accepts the invitation extended from the Dr. Waheed for the Talks and reaffirms its commitment to the Talks convened to achieve an amicable middle ground.

“The MDP has always maintained the importance of dialogue between political parties to come to an agreement before the report by the CoNI that is being mandated to determine the nature of transfer of power on 7 February 2012,” states MDP international spokesperson Hamid Gafoor.

The MDP strongly believes dialogue is crucial to come to an understanding and agreement on the issues the Maldives faces today. Most importantly, MDP believes that the talks must be a venue to agree on how we address the issues of members of the security forces who mutinied against the elected government. Additionally, reiterating the importance of the earliest possible expression of the will of the people and establishment of a peoples government, MDP believes parties must agree on a date for early elections during the Talks.
All Party Talks were convened by Dr. Waheed immediately following the ousting of President Mohamed Nasheed’s Presidency in a coup d’etat orchestrated by the security forces. Initially, the Talks represented all the political parties in the Maldives, including those that are not represented in the Parliament. Although MDP disagreed with its format and initially believed that those parties that hold Parliamentary seats must only represent it, later compromised and agreed to carry on with the proposed format and members.

“After months of feet dragging by the regime, we have finally come to hold talks with the party leaders. This is encouraging and we expect compromise from all sides” said Mr Ghafoor.


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Spokesperson, International Affairs
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