President Nasheed sends greetings to the Indian people on the ocassion of Indian Independence Day

Statement by President Mohamed Nasheed:


“On the happy anniversary of the Indian Independence, I would like to send warm congratulations and greetings to the Government and the people of India, including those residing in the Maldives.

Over the past 65 years, India has achieved much progress in all areas. I would, in particular, like to note how India has defied all conventional thinking and wisdom by consolidating democracy in spite of all the challenges and setbacks it faced. Indian people have shown that if a people collectively desire it, democracy is indeed possible everywhere.

We are of course deeply inspired by the Indian example as we try to regain democracy in the Maldives, and I thank the Government and the people of India for their continued cooperation with the people of the Maldives in all our developmental efforts.

I wish the people of India continued prosperity and happiness.

Happy Independence Day!”