MDP propose a post – CoNI strategy to maintain peaceful political activity in the country

Reference No: 99/08/2012
16 August 2012

MDP propose a post – CoNI strategy to maintain peaceful political activity in the country

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has participated in the first session of the recently established high level all Party talks, which aims to produce a resolution to the current political crisis and the resumption of Parliament sessions, through dialogue.

During yesterday’s session, the MDP presented two proposals for the consideration of parties gathered. The MPS’s proposals centre on the need to cool down the current political atmosphere and attempts to restore legitimacy, justice and accountability in the Maldives.

The MDP first proposes for all Parties to agree on the importance of holding early elections, and to allow the people of the Maldives to again, elect their government. MDP’s second concern highlights the issues that may arise with regard to the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI)’s report on the 7 February coup d’etat/transfer of power, which is to be released on Thursday, 30 August. The MDP realizes the potential disagreements that may occur with the release of the report’s findings and are encouraged to agree on a post – CoNI strategy in order to maintain peaceful political activity in the country.

The Party offers three different strategies to move forward from the scenarios that may occur as a result of the CoNI’s conclusions. If the CoNI report finds that the events of 7 February amounted to a coup d’etat and an illegal transfer of power, the MDP proposes for President Nasheed and the elected MDP government to be reinstated immediately. On the other hand, if CoNI deems that the transfer of power on 7 February was constitutional, the MDP will accept this conclusion and look forward to elections in 2013. However, if the CoNI report highlights any wrongdoing, violations of law, on the part of any individual involved, the MDP believes that those responsible must face prosecution within the duration of a month (attached below).

In the effort to restore legitimate government and justice in the Maldives, the MDP will continue to engage in dialogue with all Parties concerned. The MDP look forward to hearing responses to its proposals from the representatives of Dr. Waheed.


Hamid Abdul Ghafoor
Spokesperson, International Affairs
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Maldivian Democratic Party National Executive Committee Resolution of 14 August 2012.

The MDP has presented the following proposals to the current regime. The MDP hopes that a response to these proposals will be received before the end of the Holy month of Ramazan.

1) If the Commission of National Inquiry (CoNI)’s report identifies wrongdoing/criminal violations on the part of any individual, the MDP proposes for:

· All parties to agree to early elections
· Remove those identified to have violated the law, from their positions
· Ensure all those identified are sentenced and brought to justice
· Court proceedings related to findings of report to be finished within one month
· All procedures to be carried out in the presence of Commonwealth and International observers
2) If the CoNI’s report finds that the transfer of power on 7 February was unconstitutional, the MDP proposes for:

· reinstatement of former government
3) If the CoNI’s report finds that the 7 February transfer of power was lawful and no criminal acts were committed by any parties, the MDP proposes for:

· presidential elections to be held in 2013

Meeting No. 120, Tuesday 14 August 2012, 3.00pm, MDP National Secretariat, Male’