MDP Decides to Halt Demonstrations to Facilitate Meaningful Talks

Reference No: 97/08/2012
7August 2012

MDP Decides to Halt Demonstrations to Facilitate Meaningful Talks

The Maldivian Democratic Paryt (MDP) has decided to halt the ongoing demonstrations to facilitate meaningful political dialogue to end the political crisis the country faces since the forceful resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed after a coup d’etat orchestrated by the elements in the police and military services.

The National Executive Council (NEC) of MDP on Tuesday unilaterally decided to halt all the demonstrations including street protests. MDP has taken it to streets since February 8, following the official declaration of transfer of power illegitimate. The demonstrations have been focused on calling for that authorities to hold elections as early as possible to legitimise the Presidency, end violence perpetrated against civilians by the police and to prosecute those officers seen to be involved in police brutality on 6,7,8 February.

Dr. Waheed’s regime immediately convened All Party Talks that represented all the political parties in the Maldives, including those that are not represented in the Parliament. Although MDP disagreed with its format and initially believed that those parties that hold Parliamentary seats must only represent it, later compromised and agreed to carry on with the proposed format and members.

After months of feet dragging by the regime, in June, Talks were held in Bandos, facilitated by the UN which ended up being a meeting for the ruling coalitions’ 30 demands where some of which were plainly farcical, some so oblique as to be apparently meaningless.

The MDP strongly believes unless there is political dialogue and agreement at a political level, the Maldives will not be able to come out of the current political crisis. In this regard, the MDP decides to halt its demonstrations to sincerely re-assure its commitment to meaningful dialogue.

On Friday, August 3, MDP Parliamentary Group also expressed their willingness to cooperate with the administration given, Dr. Mohamed Waheed and leaders of political parties represented commit to meaningful talks to agree on a way forward from the current crisis.

“We are committed to ensure an environment conducive to hold political talks at the highest level. Therefore, today, the MDP NEC decided unilaterally to halt the demonstrations. We hope leaders of political parties take this time to seriously engage in dialogue” said Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, MDP’s spokesperson for international affairs.


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