MDP PRESS STATEMENT: President Nasheed’s ongoing visit to India

Reference: 52/04/2012 20 April 2012

President Nasheed’s ongoing visit to India

18th April 2012

President Nasheed gave an address at the Observer Research Foundation. His address was focused on consolidation of democracy in the Maldives. He said robust engagement from Indian Government is crucial for Maldives democracy. He spoke on the February 7 coup de’tat which unseated the first democratically elected Government. Furthermore, he highlighted on the concerns of an unelected government which is paving way for elements of Islamic fundamentalism within the Government.

President Nasheed has also met Dr. Pachauri, Rajendra Kumar Pachauri who has served as the chairperson of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Director General of TERI. Despite the political turmoil in the Maldives, both discussed the importance of been engaged on climate change discussions. President Nasheed urged Dr. Pachauri and the IPCCs work on climate science to be provided to the public in a manner people would understand the threat of climate change. President Nasheed said ‘climate change needs to be an election issue for larger emitters to begin to invest in renewable energy.’

19th April 2012

Discussions were held with key business leaders in Delhi, during which President Nasheed emphasized the importance of continuing their investments in the Maldives. He said people of the Maldives needed Indian investors. The meeting was attended by senior politicians and leading investors in Delhi.

President Nasheed gave a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club where he gave interviews to the leading news papers in India.

20 April 2012

President Nasheed is visiting Mumbai today. During his stay in Delhi, he has had public and private engagement explaining the political situation in the Maldives.

President Nasheed called on the private sector in India to be engaged with the Maldives and to continue to invest in the Maldives.

He said, investors must be engaged to ensure consolidation of democracy in the Maldives. In this regard he said ‘we want to be responsible even though we have been ousted in a coup and we [MDP] want to encourage businesses to continue to invest in the Maldives.


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