MDP PRESS STATEMENT: MDP Reaffirms Commitment to Political Party Talks

Reference: 32/03/2012

14March 2012

The Maldivian Democratic Party has remained steadfast in its aim to resolve the current political crisis facing the Maldives. In this spirit the MDP has attended all discussions as put forward by the current regime since 21 February 2012. The MDP notes its consistent participation in all Party talks mediated by Mr. Ahmed Mujuthaba in the hope of finding a solution for the Maldives’ political situation.

To reiterate this hope, the MDP’s representative at all Party talk and Parliamentary Group leader, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with former Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, on Wednesday, 14 March. However, it is with regret that the MDP notes, no progress was made at this meeting.

Ibrahim stated, ‘It is disappointing that former Vice President, Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik does not seem prepared to find a peaceful means to achieve a solution that is acceptable to all’.

Following today’s meeting the MDP remains increasingly concerned about the political situation in the Maldives, but remains committed to a peaceful resolution, which is acceptable to all Parties concerned.


Hamid Abdul Ghafoor

Spokesperson, International Affairs

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