MDP PRESS STATEMENT:MDP Parliamentary Group Calls for Compromise on All Sides

Reference: 32/02/2012

7 March 2012


In a major move to outreach to all political parties and other interest groups in the Maldives, MDP parliamentary group leader, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih MP today said that in order to bring a solution to the current political unrest, all sides need to be willing to compromise, to talk and to work with each other. This includes the MDP itself, he said in an interview with Haveeru, one of the main daily newspapers in the Maldives.

“We [MDP] have to compromise as well. It should not be expected that during negotiations that only one side will make all the efforts to compromise. Just look at what happened last week. They [the Government] said that a date for an early election will not be settled until the parliament is opened, while we [MDP] maintained that the parliament cannot be opened until a date is set. Both sides wanted their way,” he said.

He noted that given the fact that neither sides were not ready to reach a compromise on the matter in question, the situation had got worse on the day the parliament was scheduled to be officially opened.
Solih emphasised the fact that both sides need to adopt a more conciliatory policy and to talk and compromise.
“The MDP is ready to adopt such a policy” he said. “We all need to sit down and restart negotiations and reach a compromise agreement acceptable to both sides”. “From our side, that means assurances about the timing of elections. However, we understand that in order to secure that, we need to give certain assurances and commitments to the other side. We are ready to do so”.

He stressed that if national welfare is not given priority during a time of such upheaval, then major problems will arise for the Maldives and its people.

“Right now priority should be given to national welfare and safety. Unity between all Maldivians. Obeying all rules and regulations. The government should listen to the people as well. Finding a way to coexist should be of fundamental importance right now,” he stressed.


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